Photography Chat – Are You Smarter Than Your Camera?

You’ve probably heard it a million times – “START USING MANUAL MODE ON YOUR CAMERA.”

But why do it?  The reason why taking pictures in manual mode really matters boils down to this…

If you’re shooting in any other mode  such as Automatic, Aperture Priority, etc.; you’re letting your camera make choices for you.  And chances are that most of the time, it’s making the WRONG decision.

If you think your DSLR takes great pictures in Automatic mode, wait until you see what your images look like when YOU are the one calling the shots (pun!).

Are you smarter than your camera? I think so. 

Maybe the day that Nikon and Canon start using IBM’s Watson as the software embedded in our DSLR’s  we’ll reassess that situation.

But until then – manual mode is the place to be.

This is not a change that I expect you to make overnight.  First, you need to understand what choices you’re going to make in manual mode and why. You’ll be adjusting three settings in particular:

  1. ISO
  2. Aperture
  3. Shutter Speed

These three variables are what make up your new friend – the Exposure triangle.  Exposure Triangle, meet all your new friends at One July Living.

exposure triangle 101

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

We’ll explore each of these variables in separate posts and break it down, one step at a time. But first things first – go charge up your camera battery, grab a hot chocolate, and read your DSLR  instruction manual!

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