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We’re back with a little token of appreciation for all of our new readers. THANK YOU for supporting the beginning of One July Living!

Let me begin by saying we don’t have the best history with phones in our family.  Let me present exhibit A:


No, he didn’t run over it with a car.  That happened when he bent over to give Pip a kiss on top of her head and it slid out of his pocket onto our driveway.  Seriously. Who knew iPhones were such fragile little buggers?

That incident prompted me and my butter fingers to get a case for my iPhone.  Thankfully, our story has a much happier ending. Most recently my iPhone survived flying across the room and hitting not one, not two, but three treadmills.  Thank you pretty, little iPhone case – I appreciate you.  As for WHY it went flying across the cardio equipment at the gym? We’ll pretend that was “product testing” and not because I totally bit the dust while I was running.

Which brings me to our freebie!  This free iPhone case template is designed for the Uncommon Capsule (for iPhone 4 or iPhone 5) which is the very case that’s saved my phone on multiple occassions.

(And no, the company did not ask me to write this review or provide the goods – I’m just passing the word on about a product that I think is great!)

If you don’t have a lot of experience with Photoshop, don’t sweat it! Really the only thing you’ll need to do is apply a clipping mask. I’ll walk you through the steps.

DOWNLOAD the free iPhone cover template (Photoshop Files) 


photoshop template for iPhone case

STEP 1:  Download the freebie at www.onejulyliving.com/iPhonecapsuletemplate.zip

STEP 2: Open either the template for iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 file, depending on your model in Photoshop

STEP 3: Choose a vertical/portrait picture that you want to use and save as RGB (Important!) and save it somewhere to your desktop where you can find it.

STEP 4: Place your image above the layer that says “Place image above this layer and apply clipping mask”

STEP 5: Resize your image as necessary.  Hold down SHIFT and drag from the corner to be sure you don’t distort the image.

STEP 6:  Right click on your image layer and select “Create clipping mask”

STEP 7: Make any final adjustments! Note: If you would like to use the font used for “2013″, download the free font “Made with B” from Dafont.com.  A last name would also be cute in this space.

STEP 8: IMPORTANT! Turn Off the dieline layer group

STEP 9: Save your finished file as a JPEG (make sure that the image and file are saved in RGB).


Remember, these cases were specifically designed to meet the specifications for the Capsule case made by Uncommon.  If you use this template with another vendor, you may need to make slight modifications.



Laurie - Thanks!!

Jessica - You’re welcome! Enjoy! Hope you’re doing well :)

Erika - Thank you !! This is so cool !! I can’t wait to try it. I gotta say.. your phone looks exactly like my husband’s !!! I got a sort of splinter from it when I put it to charge from him. The phone is insanely fragile but it still works perfectly.. whereas my Samsung Galaxy lll phone kept freezing and having to reboot it and the battery area was loose so after a while it wasn’t charging anymore. This from a person who’s careful with her phone while he’s had a few accidents with his.. and yet it’s ironic how my, gently cared for, phone just malfunctioned completely. Thank goodness I had my old fossil of a phone I had as backup until I could be able to get a free or lower price upgrade ! I upgraded to an iphone 4s and am so excited to try this !! I’m a visual learner and so I really appreciate the pictures in the tutorial ! You’re awesome !

Liela Wong - Thanks so much for the template!

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