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I’m a day late, but welcome to the Workspace Transformation Week!

The beauty of a workspace makeover is that it doesn’t matter if you’re in a cubicle, a corner office, a rented space, or a home office.  Your desk is your domain!

I’m a firm believer that your space has an impact on the work that you do.

Heard the saying “Clean life, clean mind”?  I think the same applies for your workspace.  But, let me tell you –  I need more than just a deep clean over here.  I need a creative, inspiring, peaceful, and organized space.  Quite the wish list, right?

I’m going to start by tossing this in the garbage can.  Sorry CareerBuilder monkeys – you’re not going to make the cut on this transformation project.

Yes – this is a REAL picture, of my REAL desk, with a REALLY old, dirty, and ridiculous mousepad.  We’ll revisit a new home for my mouse later this week.

But today, I want to talk about one of the most forgotten areas of the workspace.  And yet, it’s where our attention is directed 99% of the time that we sit in our swivel chairs…




If your desktop is anything like mine, it’s a zoo.  Unused icons.  Eight trillion folders.  Random downloads.  Multiple versions of the same document.  Half written blog posts.  Family calendars.  Budget spreadsheets.  (…and the list goes on) All mixed in with the really important things that you don’t want to lose – like the digital files of your family portrait session that you just paid your hard earned cash for.  Sound familiar for anyone?

It was time for a desktop makeover.

blogger organization tool


I designed this digital desktop organizer with the busy blogger, mother, and small business owner in mind. You could easily change up the words in the bubbles to meet your desired workflow (i.e., photographers, Etsy shop owners, and more).

Dream – A home for all of your ideas and inspiration that will someday become blog posts, DIY projects, photo sessions, and more.

Write – Where the drafts live.

Polish – The drafts that are ALMOST ready to go – they just need a final scrub to make them shine.

Publish – Blog posts and images that are ready for the BIG TIME.

Love – Things that are important and get revisited often.  Family photos that need printed, sponsor info, vacation planner, etc.

This & That – It’s just that.  A dedicated space to catch the things that fall into a “misc.” category.  Taxes, Resumes, etc.

Ready to simplify and pretty-up your blogging workflow?


Purchase the Digital Desktop Organizer at our Etsy store!


Pssst…Coming in March – a fully customizable .psd version of this product will be available in the OJ Design store!  Along with other digital desktop designs that I can’t wait to share with you!

Instructions for use:

  • For Mac Users: Save the file to your “Pictures” folder
  • Right click your desktop, and select “Change Background”
  • Select the image from your Pictures folder
  • Choose the option that works best for the dimensions of your screen (fit to screen, fill to screen, or center). The jpeg dimensions are 1900 px x 1200 px.
  • Spread the word!  We would be so appreciative if you would send your other blog friends to this post.
  • Enjoy!!!


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Elisa - Hi I’m Elisa. I followed a comment you left at the inspired room. This organizational post is awesome! I’m so glad I found it. I can’t wait to look around at what else you have!! Cheers!
Elisa recently posted…Hellocotton + Thank YouMy Profile

Jessica - Hi Elisa! Thanks so much for stopping by!!! So glad you like it!

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Mandy - Ah!!! What a stinking great ‘why didn’t I think of that’ idea! My desktop was/is/ehh/mightstillbe OUT OF CONTROL! I have about a hundred icons and I plan to group them by usage- Weekly, rarely, daily, etc… so I can access things ad hoc.
Also- the grouping helps me organize all the weekly reports I like to produce, so I don’t forget any! I may also add a notes bubble, because it seems like I always have a digital post-it of TO-DO that is lurking out in space and never surfaces! Thanks for the great work! Keep it up! :-)

Jessica - Thanks girl! I’m starting a series of them over on Etsy…love your ideas for other ways to group icons!

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