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Hi!  I’m the gal behind One July.  My little family lives in the suburbs of Chicago.  A year ago we were city folk but a growing toddler, three flights of stairs, and 800 square feet of living space proved to be our kryptonite.  About six months into our stint in the suburbs, we both kind of looked at each other and said “Hey, this is pretty nice.”  Cool kids can live in the suburbs too! (fist pump.)

We laugh a lot.  We work hard.  We figure this parenting thing as we go along.  We love each other.  It’s a pretty great life.

Many people that know me as the photographer  behind One July Photography are surprised to learn that it’s actually not my full time gig.  I’m actually a corporate communications manager M-F.  And on the weekends, I find some time to pursue another one of my passions – photography.  It’s a crazy balancing act… work, family, photography.  We’re still figuring out one day at a time.  But we’re happy, and because of that – I think we’re doing just fine.



There is nothing more difficult than writing about yourself, especially if it is part of a Honey-Do List (and the only thing on the list!).  I’m a rapidly approaching 30 year old, young professional who is still trying to figure things out but is supported by my incredible wife and a fantastically fun little toddler.  To make things easy for myself I’ve bulleted out all the important stuff;

  1. Everybody calls me Johnny.  My dad’s name is John too, except he goes by Tony because his middle name is Anthony.  My Granddaddy’s name is also John, and he goes by John, but he’s the only person who calls me Jonathon which is a mystery because that isn’t my name.  Good luck figuring all that out.
  2. I’m from Cincinnati(ish), OH and have an undying love of Skyline Chili
  3. I’m a graduate of THE Ohio State University, bleed Scarlet and Grey, and will adamantly defend the position that we were the best football team in 2012.  I also went to grad school at DePaul University.
  4. I love Fantasy Football, reading (lots of time on the commuter train!), playing dinosaurs with my offspring, and gaming late at night so I don’t get accused of hogging the TV.

I’m sure there is tons more about me that will come out through later posts and will be contributing sporadically at Jess’ request.  Otherwise I hope to you enjoy the blog and if you are ever curious about me just shoot Jess an email and I’m sure she will make me answer!




1. I like pancakes – A LOT.

2. Elmo and DJ Lance Rock are my homies.

3. I’m sassy, just like my mama (shh don’t tell her I said that)

4. I can count to fourteen.


 *All images courtesy of Kina Wicks Photography

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